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  • Have a scalable online business model that allows you to create endless amounts of income and impact.
  • Understand how to use social media to attract high-paying clients that you want to work with.
  • Have an irresistible offer that you feel confident promoting and selling.




Once upon a time...

  • I worked as an investor relations analyst in NYC making ok money but feeling very unfulfilled
  • I decided to “follow my passion” into a career in the fitness industry
  • After 3 years of working full time in fitness, I started to feel burnt out from constantly pouring into others without refilling my own cup.
  • In an attempt to slow down, I accepted a job as a CrossFit coach and personal trainer in the Cayman Islands, but after another 3 years, I found myself running up against the same issue - I was still trading time for money.
  • I decided to take ownership of my career and took my services online, and for the first time, my schedule and income were completely in my control.
  • More importantly, I realized that by taking my services online, I was able to create a bigger impact because I could reach even more people.
  • I've now taken everything I've learned in building my own online business and created a course to help you do the same.

It's time to bring your business idea to life.

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Coaches need coaches. And not just for fitness.

If you're asking clients to invest in your services, you must believe that you're worth that investment.

And what better way to show that than investing in yourself and your business? 


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